The Summer School on Public International Law

The Summer School on Public International Law is aimed to provide those working or aspiring to work within the area of public international law with an opportunity to obtain advanced knowledge on the subject and encourage participants to engage in independent research via meeting leading scholars and practitioners in the area.


Programme and Experts

10 lectures 75 minutes each,
2 seminars
General Course on Public International Law
Sir Michael Wood

Special courses on the topic "National Jurisdiction and International Law":

5 lectures, 1 seminar
National Jurisdiction and International Law
Cedric Ryngaert
Extraterritorial Jurisdiction: Concept and Limits
Alina Miron
Immunity of States and their Officials from Foreign Jurisdiction
Philippa Webb
Exercise of Criminal Jurisdiction by Germany and International Law
Manfred Dauster
National Jurisdiction and UNCLOS
Roman Kolodkin

Topics of separate special courses may become subject to certain changes.
In addition to the General course, Special Courses and seminars, other activities can be carried out, both on international law issues and aimed at improving contacts between attendees.