Sergio Carvalho

Sergio spent more than 15 years in various technical and managerial positions in the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment and associated agencies before engaging with sustainable finance in 2017. He started his career at the Brazilian National Institute for the Environment, at first working with the environmental assessment of energy projects and then moving over to Protected Areas. During his time in government he was appointed as Director of Protected Areas and then deputy National Secretary for Biodiversity, having raised USD 230 million for the third phase of the Amazon Region Protected Areas Program. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and a MPhil in Animal Biology from the University of Brasilia and is currently finishing his PhD at the University of Oxford. In the past 5 years Sergio started working with ESG and sustainable finance and in early 2021 joined the EU Platform on Sustainable Finance as a sherpa to the representative of the NGO Agent Green. More recently Sergio was appointed as Head of Impact for Planet First Partners.

Feb 21 – Current Planet First Partners (London) – Head of Impact

Jan 21 – Current EU Platform for Sustainable Finance – Sherpa, biodiversity specialist

Mar 20 – Nov 20 Liminal Capital Partners (London) – Partner ESG Impact & Regulatory

Mar 18 – Mar 19 ESGine (London, New York) – Head of ESG Research and Head of Product

Jan 17 – Jan 19 Coalition for Private Investment in Conservation (CPIC)

Jan 17 – Oct 20 Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI)

Sep 15 – Oct 16 Executive Secretariat – Brazilian Ministry of the Environment (MMA) – Chief of Staff for the Vice Minister, Director of Strategic Management

Mar 11 – Aug 15 Secretariat for Biodiversity and Forests – MMA – Analyst, Special Projects coordinator, Director of Protected Areas and Acting National Secretary

Nov 02 – Dec 07 Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Resources – MMA – Analyst, Coordinator for the Conservation of Ecosystems, and Coordinator for the Cerrado and Pantanal Biomes