COVID ∙ 19
COVID ∙ 19
The COVID-19 pandemic has become a global challenge for humanity. It aсtualized the question of relevance to present realities of existing regulation of a variety of issues, both at the international and national levels. The Center analyzes best approaches and practices, proposes new guidelines and mechanisms for better response to emergencies,
including in the health sector, in the future. Together with government agencies, international organizations, including   The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law , and the expert community the Center participates in the discussion and solution of relevant problems.
Analytical Report
Jul 22, 2021
Legal Regulation of Certain Issues Related to Vaccination
Elizabeth Anne Platt
Egor Fedorov
DeAnna Baumle
Ivan Dadalov
Li Du
Anna Kozyakova
Jonathan Larsen
Vera Lúcia Raposo
Sanghmitra Sahai
Peter Feldschreiber
Analytical Report
Jun 18, 2021
COVID-19 — Test for the World's Legal Systems
Estelle Camille Chambas
Ronan Cormacain
Yuxue Fang
Katarina Matilda Fast Lappalainen
Elizabeth Anne Platt
Egor Fedorov
Natalia Galkina
Mariafrancesca Cataldo
Alba Nogueira Lopez
Frederik Orlowski
Thomas Perroud
Victoria Umanskaia
Duncan Fairgrieve
Sven Jürgensen