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Upcoming events on international law issues.

05 October 2021

On October 4,  Online-discussion Inter-State Complaints in International Human Rights Law will take place.

On October 7, Dr. Elena Cirkovic (Helsinki University) will speak on Earth System Law and Outer Space.

On October 8, In celebration of its 50th-anniversary volume, the Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law is convening a symposium The 1972 Stockholm Declaration at 50: Reflecting on a Half-Century of International Environmental Law.

On October 8, Tne Lecture Birth of an International Treaty: the 2019 Judgments Convention, will take part.

On 20-22 October, Canadian Council On International Law will open 50th Annual Conference «Getting International Law Back on Track?».

22 October, Thirty Sixth ITF Public Conference: Time Limits in International Investment Law will be provided.