New research: Legal Regulation of Public Non-Financial Reporting in Foreign Countries

The issues of sustainable development, environmental corporate social responsibility are increasingly reflected in the agenda of international fora and national development strategies.

However, the implementation of such strategies and achievement of the indicators set eventually depend on the actions of particular companies. In this regard, states, as well as international governmental and non-governmental organizations, are actively developing standards on public non-financial reporting, which, depending on jurisdiction, may be mandatory or voluntary. Moreover, the submission of such reports may often be a criterion for obtaining certain benefits or a condition for the listing of securities at the stock exchange.

The International and Comparative Law Research Center in its analytical note analyzes how the four BRICS countries (Brazil, India, China, and the RSA), as well as the USA, the EU, and Germany in particular approach the regulation of public non-financial reporting.

The International and Comparative Law Research Center expresses its gratitude to Marat Abzalov, Daria Bulaeva, Maxim Gubarev, Bharti Lamba, Carlos Noronha, Jose Mauricio Pacheco Jr., and Aleksey Petrenko who took part as experts in this research.