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International Bankruptcy Forum. Session on cross-border bankruptcy

19 May 2017
Discussion session

Event Description

The session highlighted international community achievements in promoting general principles of cross-border bankruptcy, worldwide application of cross-border bankruptcy provisions, most disputable matters related to the resolution of cross-border bankruptcy issues and the positive impact on countries that apply the generally recognized principles.



Presentations were made by

Sidney Brooks (USA)
Professor, Humboldt-University at Berlin – Moderator
Elena Mokhova (Russia)
Associate Professor, International Law Department, Russian State University of Justice – Moderator
Renaud Sorieul (France)
Secretary, United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)
Irina Narysheva (Russia)
Partner, Head of Legal Services, KPMG Russia & CIS, JSC KPMG
Vasily Torkanovskiy (Russia)
Partner, Law Practice Group "Ivanyan & Partners"
Edward H. Davis (USA)
Founding Partner, Astigarraga Davis
Yuliya Medvedeva (Russia)
Director of Expert and Analytics department, Deposit Insurance Agency
Christoph Paulus (Germany)
Professor, Humboldt-University at Berlin
Adolfo Rouillon (Argentina)
Judge (Retired), Civil and Commercial Court of Appeals, Rosario, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina

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