Climate Change Conference was held in Bonn

On June 6-16, 2022 the Climate Change Conference was held in Bonn. The discussions on various climate change problems took place within press-conference and thematic meetings formats. The speakers were representatives of states and international organizations.

Participants from the developing countries have risen the question concerning the lack of financial support from the developed countries in the sphere of adaptation and mitigation of climate change consequences. Extensive discussion was on the issues of working out and realization of national adaptation plans.

Some attendees have pointed out the lack of concrete solutions and progress during the conference. In fact, the conference was a preliminary stage before СОР27, it collected information and opinions. Subsequently, the drafts of documents and proposals will be prepared to be used within СОР27 in October.

In the UN there was admitted that on the Bonn conference a huge technical work has been done. As well as the first steps on “global stocktakings” were made as provided by the Paris agreemnet 2015 as a mode of global review of the progress in achieving the goal of 1,5°C.

Decisions SB56

Day after day talks, public talks etc.