NGOs took part in the online-meeting with the International Methane Emissions Observatory (IMEO)

In August, 4, the International Methane Emission Observatory (IMEO) held an online-meeting with NGO representatives in order to introduce them its main activities and discuss further interaction. The International and Comparative Law Research Center also took part in this meeting. 

The speaker was Manfredi Caltagirone who leads the UNEP`s work on methane emissions in the energy sector, and is acting Head of IMEO.

He spoke in detail about the organization noting that being launched at the summit G20 in Rome, IMEO is one of the key implementation vehicles for the Global Methane Pledge, the initiative aiming at methane emissions reduction of 30% by 2030. IMEO raises awareness on methane emissions; gives relevant information on methane emissions; heightens anxiety of States
through promotion of scientifically substantiated regulatory decisions and goals for better management of methane emissions in the fossil fuel sector; initiates new researches for methane emissions.

Manfredi Caltagirone told about IMEO`s structure, particularly about IMEO Advisory Council, which engages representatives of NGOs and foundations, international organizations, research institutes, and governmental bodies in the discussion of IMEO strategies and policies.