The ICLRC creates an analytical portal of corporate financial and non-financial data “Mirida”

The International and Comparative Law Research Center, one of the leading Russian think tanks in the field of international law and sustainable development, implements a project to create an analytical portal of corporate financial and non-financial data in Russia. The project will be able to meet the market demand for analytical data on the Russian and international corporate segment.

This portal, Mirida, or Mirida Analytics, will give the companies an opportunity to get quick access to the wide range of operational, financial and ESG indicators of contractors, competitors and investees throughout the world; to quickly make average benchmarks for the preferable indicators, in order to define their strategic and operational targets.

The first stage of the project intends to give the portal`s clients an access in a single window mode to more than 300 operational, financial and non-financial indicators of more than 3,000 companies throughout the world; an opportunity to build industry average according to these indicators in the context of sectors and geographical regions, as well as the analysis of the dynamics of these indicators. In the second stage, the portal`s functionality is going to be expanded by adding a macroeconomic section.

At the present moment, the project is on the pilot stage. We plan to offer the portal services to a wide range of users in August 2023. The analytical portal can make a significant contribution in support of Russian corporate and financial analysis; in development of evaluation and rating systems in Russia, and also in analysis of sustainable development.

The consultant of the project is Gazprombank. Its professional team have broad financial and economic expertise, including capital markets and sustainable financing.

The designer of software will be NVI Solutions, the Russian IT-company, which specializes in the development and implementation of software products based on artificial intelligence and focuses on industrial customers. The company also adapts them to specific production tasks and implements them at real production facilities in Russia and abroad.

The General Director of the Center Ekaterina Salugina-Sorokovaya has noted:

“We see a high-demand for analytical data on the Russian market. The project is aimed at a wide variety of audiences — the major Russian companies, banks, media, analytical and expert community, consulting and universities. With the results of the pilot stage of the project that will end in November, we will finally find out the structure of indicators that will be available to users, and will clarify the time of launching the portal.”