Natalia Stapran took part in the EEC expert meeting

Natalia Stapran, the Center's Head of Climate and Environment, took part in the expert meeting of the Eurasian Economic Commission on the EAEU climate agenda.

Within the framework of this event, experts exchanged information and opinions on developing specific legal provisions for regulating climate issues at the all-Union level. Such topics as convergence of approaches for the free circulation of the results of the implementation of climate projects, development of common approaches to the criteria of climate projects, verification issues, etc. were discussed.

Natalia Stapran presented the conclusions and recommendations developed on the base of the results of the study of the carbon regulation infrastructure of the EAEU member states and their main international partners. In addition, it was noted that currently, the EAEU countries find themselves in a situation where the main trading partners of the association have more advanced carbon regulation. In fact, a carbon price in one form or another exists in China and the EU, and similar mechanisms are planned in the key economies of South and Southeast Asia. Despite the significant reconfiguration and, in some cases, the rupture of economic ties due to the ongoing geopolitical crisis, in the medium term, the Union countries will inevitably have to exist in the conditions of the growing role of the carbon component in international economic relations, whatever their geographical structure.

The increasing of developing countries in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa in the Union's foreign trade will, at best, delay the need to introduce carbon regulation, but will not cancel it. Companies from these countries play active role in the voluntary market.