The Center's new project — a Summer School on climate change for lawyers

This is a new project for lawyers who want to understand the current issues of climate change in a legal context. The courses from renowned Russian and foreign experts will include such topics as international and national climate regulation, its links with other branches of law, approaches and measures for adaptation and counteraction to climate change, climate change and the global economy, the role of climate change in international trade, shipping and aviation and related legal issues.

We have taken a convenient format of the Summer School on Public International Law as a basis for the current Summer School. It is two weeks of intense work in Moscow in Russian/English together with up to 30 like-minded people. Participation in the Summer School is free; for students from other cities we can provide reimbursement of travel and living expenses in Moscow (up to 35 000 rubles).

Application requirements:
  • law degree (final year undergraduate students may also apply by justifying their participation in a cover letter);
  • knowledge of English and Russian.
Registration is open until May 29 on our website.

In order to register, please provide:
  • proof of a law degree;
  • CV;
  • cover letter in Russian and English;
  • color photo on a white/light background.
If you have any questions please contact us at

Do not hesitate to take part!